Get rid of routine work on a computer. Automate.

Give your keyboard and a mouse to robots. They will take care of everything and you can do more creative work.

Automation is needed almost everywhere

and finances

Manual copying of bank statements from internet banking to another program is a thing of the past.

Software testing

We will fully replace manual testers of your product. Automate with one tool only. (more)

and analytics

Analysis of graphs, exporting results or entering data into tables. We will do all of that for you.

and production

Automate the configuration of computers, which are used by the operator, he can then focus on quality.

AIVIRO RPA brings loads of benefits

Saves money

Save your money. Give your work to robots.

Works fast

Limit repetetive tasks.

Improves efficiency

Allow your company to prosper.
Time-saving visualization

With automation you will save time. And time is money.

Because of that, we prepared a simple recorder for you, which you can use to record your procedure and send it to us for a review.

Record a procedure
Foto vývojářky
Time-saving visualization
Struktura řešení Aiviro

Are you interested in the technical part of our solution?

Our technical documentation is publicly available and we will gladly share it with you.

Show documentation

Ways of using RPA robots in practice

Vývojář u počítače

Extracting data from public sources

Žena v callcentru

Filling information about customers

Vývojář u počítače

Software testing

Datová struktura

Transfering data between systems


Monitoring of your competitors


Inputing and canceling access data


Connecting unconnectable systems

Internetové prohlížeče

Testing in non-supported browsers

Watch a demo


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Our team

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Filip Unzeitig

Sales manager
Czech, English and Spanish
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Jan Becher

Head analyst
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Miroslav Buček

Product owner
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Pavel Hamerník

Head developer
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Róbert Kolcún

AI developer
Photo Petr Zubalík

Petr Zubalík

SW developer & automation engineer
Photo Martin Studený

Martin Studený

Automation engineer & analyst
Photo Martin Studený

Martin Nezbeda

Automation engineer
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Miriam Svobodová

Automation engineer

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