Laziness is humanity’s engine. A human will always exercise incredible amount of work to make work simpler for himself.

I always used to have a close relationship with automation and making work simpler in general. In highschool, I studied automation engineering. Making work easier to people has always been a lot of fun to me. I always spent a lot of time doing that, either to save time for myself, or for others. During college, at a time when Facebook didn’t exist yet I created a media sharing platform for students. First just for my group, then other groups joined in and then classes from other years as well.

The project started with sharing cheat sheets, or to be more subtle, materials for studying. Later we became a social media site for all students. After leaving college, social media sites really took off and and I thought it was a shame I didn’t pursue that project further. I didn’t make the same mistake when the next opportunity occured. It started with me, wanting to make my work simpler. I liked to photograph using an analog camera, in the year 2004, when digital cameras weren’t quite the norm yet. I then wanted to send my photos to my friends, because used to get them scanned on CDs. But a photo usually had multiple MB. Laughable in today’s view, but at the time, e-mail boxes had about 10 MB of storage 🙂 It was necessary to compress the photos to around 100 kB and send them using e-mail. Later I had the idea of just sending a link to an album of photos on the internet. That’s how the website Rajč was created, which was used by a quarter of the Czech internet users in its time. Primary task was automating a task (sharing pictures on the internet) and thus bringing added value to the customers. That’s how we get to my current work. I have always been close to artificial intelligence and robots. In college, I used to work on a project, in which I taught a neuron site using genetic algorithms. After college, I created a small robot, which could see the world using a 3D camera and could move autonomously.

My love for robots has transferred to my current work as well, where we develop a smart Aiviro robot, which can control user interfaces like a human. He can make routine tasks easier very simply, like never before. I’ll talk about where the magic is some other time.

Miroslav Bucek