For some time in ARTIN, we have been working on a product, Aiviro. It is an artificial intelligence, which can be a big help with automating routine, simply describable tasks. And because we wanted to show off what Aiviro can do and give people a behind-the-scenes view of how our robot works, we came up with a few examples and challenges, which Aiviro had to tackle.

First we brought Aiviro before our company’s information system. It can log in, add a condidate, assign roles in a complex user interface and then check, if the roles are set correctly. After the test ended, the robot cleaned up all the changes as well. Our robot this proved, that it can control old applications, which are otherwise impossible to automate.

Another scenario was demonstration of user interfaces and interactive writing of scenarios for automation. These tools give even the less experienced employees the ability to write robust automations. One can directly see, what is going on, and so writing scenarios for automation is very similar to writing a document, where you can also see, what you are writing.

However, the biggest success has been ordering pizza using a robot. The order did take a slightly longer time than usual, because Aiviro wanted to order the really good pizza, which was on the end of the list. So we were really quite excited when the pizza actually arrived – even before the presentation ended.

Miroslav Bucek