You submit today,
and a robot will get rid
of the routine work in a week

All you need to do is record and submit, what you need to automate

How to do it? Follow these steps


Download our free and secure Aiviro recorder

Download recorder

Run the downloaded Aiviro-Recorder.exe file

If a system message warns you about an unverified source, don’t worry about it, nothing is happening, you can continue.


Run process recording

You will see Aiviro-Recorder’s control window. In it, you can enable recording of all keys, which you use during the recording. If you won’t be inputing any passwords, you will simplify our work and further communication.


Record the procedure, which you repeat, once

Do the procedure as per usual. Ideally from the beginning till the end. Including all sign-ins and opening files. Like you just sat down to it or the first time in a day. Ideally, do not miss anything out. If you do not want to record real data, which shouldn’t be seen by anyone, do the procedure using sample data as an example.


Click on the icon on the taskbar and open the Aiviro Recorder window

Once you are done with your procedure, open the window of the recorder again by clicking on its icon in the system taskbar


Stop recording

By pressing the “STOP” button in the Recorder window


Confirm sending the recorded procedure

Pressing the “OK” button will send the recording to our server


Specify in the form how often you do this task

Fill in the text fields with your contact details and also the information about how often you repeat this task


Send the recording for a review

If you want to record another often repeated task, press “Yes”. Otherwise, press “No” and the Recorder will securely deliver the recording to us for further processing

That’s all,
the Aiviro team will take care of the rest