Robots test visually

Automate testing of your applications more easily

Robot Aiviro

Why choose testing with our robots?

They test as a human being. They decide according to the displayed content.

Desktop and web

Test and automate with one tool that can do everything you need. Is it an older application? No problem, Aiviro can handle it. Any application, any system, browser, …


Time spent on testing

Software development

Development in progress. Will it be difficult to keep tests up to date? As long as the application works as it should, no changes to the test scenario are needed. Changes that user does not notice do not matter.

Properties of visual testing

Robots pay off

Use the saved time for more meaningful activities.
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The newest generation of office robots available for any company

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  • License according to your needs
  • Easy to use and easy to integrate
  • Sees the user interface as human
  • One automation tool only